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3 in 1 chemical: Why is this so popular in powder coating?

We all know that pretreatment is very important before powder coating for its long life. For many peoples, pretreatment means the complete phosphating sequence process. That sequence pretreatment involves ample space, multiple big tanks, Heating arrangements, Experts for testing, and other things. These arrangements need significant investment and can be done by big industries quickly. But what about the small scale powder coating applicator. He might not capable of arranging space, tanks, and expert manpower. There should be some pretreatment solutions that can help small scale applicator with minimum setup and investment. But it should give useful results, something like zinc phosphate. We in Aman Chemicals India always work in the field of product simplicity, easy usability, and Cost-effectiveness. Product simplicity means how much the product is simple in use. Easy usability signifies the minimum setup required for the use of the product. Cost-effectiveness means how costly per unit the product is? Our Research and Development team have developed such product by keeping all these three parameters in mind. We call it R.R.10. 3 IN 1 Chemical. Factors that making it popular.

  • Effective Cleaning

  • Easy Application in different situation

  • Good Corrosion Protection

  • Works without heat

  • Water Soluble

  • ROHS Compliant

Effective Cleaning: It is named 3 in 1 because it does Degreasing, Derusting, and phosphating is one go. Degreasing means oil removing. Deruting means Rust removing skill, and Phosphating means corrosion protection coating. In the sequence pretreatment process, these three works done by using seven different tanks.

Easy Application in different situation: The 3 in 1 chemical is very popular in the small and medium powder coating industry. It does not require a big setup, Multiple tanks & Expert human resources. But it gives excellent results if properly used. Moreover, it also works without dipping the substrate in the bath solution. It is called manual Application. Manual Application is so prevalent in industries that have small working space. Sometimes the application component are so significant in size and are not practically possible to dip in tanks. In these kinds of situations, cleaning oil and Rust become very tedious before 3 in 1.

Good Corrosion Protection: In corrosion protection, coating 3 IN 1 gives a thin layer of iron phosphate. Which consider as suitable for powder coating. Most of electrical panel manufacturers, Bi Cycle manufacturers & home appliances manufacturers opted 3 in 1 as pretreatment solutions. Industries like furniture, CRC pipe manufacturer, and auto component manufacturers are also happy using it.

Works without heat: 3 in 1 does not need heat to work. Powder coating itself an energy-consuming industry. The product like 3 in 1 in this industry saves the right amount of energy and money. This feature also makes it feasible and economical too.

Water Soluble: 3 in 1 chemical are very easy to use and economical also. It is a concentrated water-soluble chemical that needs to mix in a given ratio with soft water before using it. Its water solubility makes it very cheaper.

ROHS Compliant: ROHS stands for the restriction of hazardous substances. As per new policies, every industry should be free from hazardous substances. It is also ROHS compliant. That does not harm our environment.

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