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Galvanized Iron Pretreatment Process

GI components has tendency to go through natural oxidation thereby creating a layer of rust as zinc oxide or carbonate on the surface. Phosphating process is widely accepted GI metal cleaning technique worldwide.

Process Overview

Phosphating sequence process for galvanized iron

Galvanized Iron Phosphating Process_edited.jpg

Our Products

For each steps of galvanized iron phosphating process

DE-Fat 50_edited_edited.jpg


It is a non-Caustic based Degreasing Agent. It removers oil & fatty acids from Ferrous Metals. This product is compatible with casted ferrous metal



It is a surfactant based Degreasing agent for soft n sensitive article. It is a bio-degradable product. Compatible with any metal.

3-IN-1 Chemicals.png

R.R.10 (3 In 1 Chemical)

It is a acidic nature 3-in1 chemical. It cleans oil, rust from mild steel, cast iron & also gives a thin corrosion protection layer to enhance the bonding between metal & paint.



It is a active surface reagents present in a bath solution after derusting and just prior to phosphating tanks. It is a titanium oxide based chemical which help components to get uniform phosphate coating from corner to corner. Because of its alkaline nature, it prevent the carry over of derusting chemical to mix in phosphating bath solution

Surface Activation
CZP Bond 34_edited.jpg

CZP Bond 34

CZP Bond 34 is a calcium modified hot zinc phosphate .It gives fine coating of zinc phosphate over iron and steel components. This chemical process is used to get an layer of undercoat base for powder paint coating and liquid paint coating.

CLD Bond 503_edited.jpg


CLD BOND 503 is a nickel modified cold zinc phosphating chemical. It gives good result even in low temperature or in ambient temperature. The corrosion resistance capability of this chemical is very high. It is low sludge formula. It is a cost reliable product

TCT Bond 400_edited.jpg


TCT BOND 400 is a nickel, manganese, and zinc based phosphating chemical. Due to high involvement of noble metals, the corrosion resistance is very high. It gives blackish grey coating on mild steel


IP Bond-50

IP Bond-50 is a sophisticated surfactant technology free from heavy phosphate. It does degreasing come phosphating at a time. It works good in room temperature and perform better upon giving temperature



It is an accelerator chemical used in CZP BOND 34,CLD BOND 503. It accelerate the conversion coating of phosphating chemical.



It is used to provide the extra protection over the phosphating coating. It improves the metal ability to stand against corrosion while simultaneously provides better paints and powder coating adhesions. It is chrome-based


Passivation (Chrome-Free)

To provide environment friendly alternative to chrome-based passivating agent, our team has developed environment friendly zirconium-based passivating agent without compromising performance

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