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Antimicrobial Coating

Apart from offering the same benefits as conventional powder coating technology, antimicrobial coating stops the generation of microorganisms, thereby providing protection against both corrosion and harmful dieseases

Overview: Antimicrobial coating has been in the market for the last several decades. However, in light of COVID-19, the coating industry has seen tremendous growth in demand for this coating to curtail the spread of diseases. Therefore, in early 2020, we at Aman Chemicals India launched antimicrobial powder coating to meet our customer demands. Our antimicrobial powder coating is widely in hospital beds & equipment, household appliances, furniture, and other indoor and outdoor products which are in regular contact with people.

Importance of Antimicrobial coating: According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates, each year around 17 lakhs infections and 99,000 associated deaths occurred in American hospitals. A significant portion of these infection and death take place due to unwanted substances on hospitals beds & equipment. Therefore, original equipment manufacturers are increasingly demanding microbes and germs protective layers over the products. This can be easily done using antimicrobial powder coating.

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