Powder Coating Manufacturer in India | Phosphating Chemicals Manufacturer

Powder Coating

We are into the powder coating manufacturing business for a long time. We manufacture Epoxy Polyester (Hybrid) and Pure Polyester both types of powder coating. Epoxy polyesters are for indoor items. Viz Fans. Geysers. Almirahs. Lights. MCB Boxes. Indoor Electrical Panels etc. Pure Polyester powder coatings have outdoor durability passed. P P  can protect powder coating color from Ultra Violate radiation protection. P P are the first choice of Architects for facades. An application like Automobiles. Outdoor Electrical items, Facades coated with pure polyesters to make them more durable. We are also capable of manufacturing Antimicrobial powder coating—metallic powder coatings. Antique powder coatings. We are a powder coating manufacturer in India. But we are exporting to many countries.

Pre Treatment Chemicals

We have been manufacturing pretreatment chemicals for 23 years. We make Degreasing Chemicals, Derusting Chemicals, Phosphating Chemicals, Passivation Chemicals for Mild Steel. Degreasers and Chromatisers for Extruded and Alloy Aluminium. Pretreatment Process is essential in corrosion protection. We are capable of manufacturing all types of pretreatment chemicals for powder coating. Pretreatment can be used before powder coating and liquid paints as well. We have an experienced and problem-solving skills R & D team. We can develop and modify the pretreatment system as per the customer need. We are a phosphating chemical manufacturer and exporter to many countries.

Touch Up Spray Paint

We are experts in giving perfect paint matching spray paint in aerosol form. High quality of colors and other raw materials used in producing spray paint. Our spray paints used in many industries like Electrical Panel, Automobile components, Lighting, and many more. We are also capable of manufacturing HR (Heat Resistance) paint. Our heat resistance spray paints are capable of bear 300 degrees Celcius temperature. During installation or transportation, components get scratches and peel off. Spray paints play a beneficial role in covering this kind of scratches and peel off the problem. Touch up colors are a top-rated product in the powder coating finishing industry.