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Aluminium Pretreatment Process

The most popular method for preventing corrosion in items composed of aluminium and its alloy is the chemically applied conversion coating method. It is common knowledge that aluminium products oxidize, leaving a thin film of aluminium oxide on the surface. This oxide layer is also left behind during the anodizing process under the influence of an electric current. Therefore, before painting, it needs to be removed. In addition to this, aluminium may have oil on the surface from the fabrication or shaping process, which must also be cleaned

Process Overview

Phosphating sequence process for extruded aluminium

Extruded Aluminium Phosphating Process_edited.jpg

Our Products

Keeping your aluminium safe and long lasting

Degreaser AL 23_edited.jpg

Degreaser-AL 23

It react with extruded aluminium and removes the foreign particles viz. fatty acids & oxide layers from the outer surface. It is very easy to use and it works very efficiently in room temperature . Degreaser-AL is acidic in nature.

Alchrome AL 250_edited.jpg

Alchrome-AL 250

Alchrome-AL 250 is a anti corrosion & chromatising agent for extruded aluminium & die cast aluminium. It gives a golden yellow chromatising film over aluminium surface. It protect aluminium surface from white rust & oxide films.

Zr Chrome AL 200 _edited.jpg

Zr Chrome-AL 200

It is a zirconium based chromating agent for aluminium. It is RoHS compliant chemical . It gives transparent blue coating. It protect aluminium from further oxidation & also increases the powder coating durability.

DE Fat AL58_edited.jpg

De-Fat-AL 58

De-Fat-AL 58 is a non caustic but silicate based degreasing agent. Due to its low alkalinity level it removes oil & fatty acids from aluminium alloys.

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