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Zinc Primer Application | Aman Chemicals India | Powder Coating | Pretreatment

Zinc-Rich Primer

It is widely used as a base coat before power coating application to offer double protection against corrosion thereby helping the companies by cost saving over a long run

Overview: Zinc-rich primer is a widely accepted corrosion protection solution in the powder coating industry. Before applying powder coating over the metal surface, a layer of zinc-rich primer is applied over the surface thereby providing robust protection from corrosion. The primer layer does not allow air and moisture to come in contact with the metal surface thereby removing the possibility of the formation of corrosion. It is important to note that, the metal surface should be free of oil or grease before applying the zinc-rich primer coat. Besides this, zinc-rich coating not perform on the already painted surfaces. 

Importance of Zinc-Rich Primer: As per the World Corrosion Organization estimates, the global economy witness around $2.5 trillion loss each year due to corrosion. This translates to 3-4% of GDP of industrialized economies. Lack of awareness regarding the techniques to stop corrosion and not following the complete protective coating process are some of the key reasons behind the loses. Many of the times, companies directly apply the powder coating on the metal surfaces without using the zinc-rich primer as a base coat. However, due to improper handling or transportation, coating can be damage thereby offering direct environment contact to the underlying metal surface. This in turn start the process of rust creation over the metal surface. To mitigate this challenge, companies dealing in powder coating industry prefer to apply a coat of zinc-rich promer as a first layer of corrosion protection.

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