3 IN 1 Phosphating Chemical


Moisture and rusting made for each other Due to moisture or exposure to sun,wind and sea, metal surfaces and metal component get corroded and rusted. Once the metal components attracts rust ,they can’t be put in the proper use . The rusted components have to be first cleaned of rusting before being used . This is possible only by using RR-10 the  ultimate 3 in 1 Phosphating Chemical .

RR-10 The safe 3 in 1 Phosphating chemical

RR-10  is a compound, based on acid reagent which is inhibited by an inhibitor and a mild addition of detergent to help remove oil or grease . Because of the inhibitors and the controlled acidic medium present in RR-10 , only the rust is removed from the metal surface and no damage is done to the metal , i.e.Unlike ordinary 3 in 1 phosphating chemical, it doesn’t erase the metal surface itself.

Where to use and how to use RR-10 ? 

RR-10 can be used to remove rust from ferrous metallic components made of MS (Mild Steel), AS(Alloy Steel) and Cast Iron .These can be Furniture,Auto Components , Grill, Switch Gear Boxes, Electric Panels etc.RR-10 can be used to remove rust from components which are to be painted and components which are to be fitted as OE(Original Equipment) . 

Components which are to be painted

If the component is having a mild , oily layer , apply RR-10 in cold condition directly by a sponge, spray or brush depending upon the size of the component. Allow the surface to dry (use a cloth to dry).Then apply liquid paint or powder paint as desired .

RR-10 can be used in the ratio 1:3 with water at Room Temperature which will remove rust and will leave a mild layer of phosphating which helps in paints binding and durability to the painted surface and saves from further corrosion .