Aluminium Cleaning Chemicals/Aluminium Pretreatment Chemicals Manufacturers for Aluminium Section,Aluminium Grills & Other Aluminium Products .

  • extruded aluminium cleaner
  • aluminium motor pump body cleaner
  • aluminium die casting cleaner
  • aluminium ac body cleaner
  • fan body and blade cleaner
Aluminium Cleaning Chemicals /Aluminium Pretreatment Chemicals

Aluminium Cleaning Chemicals are basically used for cleaning or removing the oil , fatty acids , dirt & oxide layer from the aluminium surface .There are two types of aluminium present in the metal industry . 1st is Extruded Aluminium & 2nd is Alloy Aluminum (or Die cast aluminium) . Both have differences in their chemistry , so we have developed different chemicals for both kinds of aluminium .    

Extruded Aluminium Cleaning Chemicals 

This chemical is acidic in nature which react with Extruded Aluminium and removes the foreign particles viz. fatty acids & oxide layers from the outer surface . It is very easy to use and it works very efficiently in Room Temperature . The cost of this product is very economical due to it works in Room Temperature  .

Alloy or Die casting Aluminium Cleaning Chemicals

Alloy or Die casing Aluminium has different metallurgical property , it contains unique composition of different metals , due to this composition it does not react with acidic aluminium cleaner . so we have developed a alkaline based Aluminium Cleaning Chemicals for Die casting Aluminium . Another advantage of this chemical is , it work in room temperature which make is cost effective .

Aluminium Pretreatment Chemicals are basically used in Aluminium powder coating Industries. Pretreatment Chemicals cleans the aluminium and protect it from further oxidation .It also leads the high adherence of paint or powder coating .

Here is a complete sequence of Aluminium Pretreatment Chemicals Processes .

Extruded Aluminium Pretreatment Process

Alloy Aluminium Pretreatment Process