Phosphating - Derusting - Degreasing

METAL PRETREATMENT CHEMICALS by AMAN CHEMICALS INDIA - a well established metal pretreatment chemical company has been satisfied from start-up to well established industry . The DERUSTING , PHOSPHATING , DEGREASING CHEMICALS has been approved by every company whom to we deal . 

Zinc phosphate are used for making a phospahte coating over the metal surface . Which increases metal's life and help for applying paint over it. click here for read more

Degreasing for Mild Steel
Degreasing Chemicals are the primary chemicals for every metal treatment . It removes every particle of oil and grease from the metal surface .click here for read more

Derusting Chemicals
In Metal Pretreatment industry , it is not recomended to use hydrochloric acid because it is very high corrosive acid , it damage all the metals which comes into its contact .click here for read more

Manganese Phosphating
Manganese Phosphate is a compound, based on strong acid, which is inhibited by inhibitors. It leaves a Black Manganese Phosphate coating over the iron and iron diecasting surface. click here for read more

3 IN 1 Chemicals
This product is used when the size of piece is large compare to the tanksize. It does DEGREASING, DERUSTING and IRON PHOSPHATE  in one time . This product reduces the cost of zinc coating and save time .  click here for read more

Aluminium Cleaning Chemicals
Degreaser-Al is a cleaning agent for aluminum metal . It is a unique formula for cleaning of aluminum . It containes Blend of organic and inorganic acids with detergent which help it to remove dirt and oil from the aluminum .

Chrome Agent for Aluminum
Alcrome-Al is a chrome agent for Aluminium metals and its alloys . It gives a very thin film of chrome which protect the aluminium from the further reaction with the elements present in the atmosphere .

Stainless Steel Cleaner
S.S.-10 is a compound, based on strong acid with a mild addition of detergent to help remove oil or grease, Dirt particles from the stainless steel.

Oil Removal Chemicals
Oil Removal Chemicals basically removes oil from the metal surface regardless the metal's property .